Download All collection of Salora stock ROMs / firmware

Here’s a collection of Salora stock ROMs / firmware. we’ll keep adding to the list.

Fly stock ROMs / firmware

Learn how to flash with sp tool from HERE

Fly mobile  Flash File
IQ454 SW06 (MTK) Download
IQ451 SW15 (MTK) Download
IQ4415 Quad SW07 (MTK) Download
Snap V1.0 (SPD) Download
IQ4415 Quad SW11 (MTK) Download
IQ4407 SW07 (MTK) Download
F8S v01 (MTK) Download
F53S V03 (MTK) Download
F51 V04 (MTK) Download
F50S V07 ( Download
F50Q V07 (MTK) Download
F45S V3.4 ( Download
F45Q V1.0.8 (MTK) Download
F451S (MTK) Download
F41S ( Download
F410 V1.7 ( Download
F40 Plus V08 (SPD) Download
F40 (SPD) Download
F352 (MTK) Download
F351 V2 (SPD) Download
F350S (Broadcomm) Download
F350 V16 (MTK) Download
F32 V2.3 (MTK) Download
IQ4490i (SPD) Download

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