How To Remove FRP/Google Account On Blackberry Priv (Andriod 5.1.1 – 6.0.1)

  1. put an active sim card on your blackberry and note the number
  2. with the other another phone call the sim on your priv
  3. Answer the call
  4. frppriv1
  5. click the circle icon above
  6. launch the dialer button and dial *#*#4636#*#* to enter secret menu.
  7. fprprib1
  8. hit on usage statistics
  9. hit on the back button and u will find yourself in settings

  10. scroll down to backup and reset
  11. reset phone and when phone starts up, setup a new device. That’s it
Note: Old steps 
1. Startup priv 
2. Connect to wifi 
3 when priv shows checking connection then immediately it shows software update switch of router to stop connection with the priv 
4 hit next till u get to the setup pattern screen, setup a pattern lock then restart phone 
5 when phone restarts phone will be locked with the pattern u setup earlier. 
6 launch the dialer button from th locked screen and dial *#*#4636#*#* to enter secret menu. 
7 hit on usage statistics 
8 hit on the back button and u will find yourself in settings 
9 scroll down to backup and reset 
10 reset phone and when phone starts up, setup a new device. 
That’s it

Note: If after reset the google account still remain feel free to drop comment i will guide you on what to do


FOR ANDROID 5.1.1 your can get Sound & notification Access from your settings 
For 6.0 you can get notification access from your Application Manger and locate Google App >> there your will See Sound and Notifaction


  1. Go to Sound And Notification
  2. Notification Access
  3. screenshot_2016-09-21-16-57-33
  4. Locate Google App
  5. screenshot_2016-09-21-16-57-38
  6. Touch the settings Icon
  7. screenshot_2016-09-21-16-58-06
  8. On your broswer search for quickshortcutmaker or
  9. type       And download
  10. screenshot_2016-09-21-16-58-56
  11. Search for “download” your will see download app and you will see the quickshortcutmaker.apk you downloaded you can install from there
  12. open the downloaded apk after installing and search ” google account in the search bar and click “google account manger “from the search

  1. 2314.On click base on step above select the highlight option talking about Password/Email Details bla bla bla


    15. click try (the highlighted)

    25 the three icon >>> Browser sign in>>>follow instruction and login you google account


    17.Your are almost there if login successfully it will go back to step 25 then click create


    18. keep press the back icon till go go back to you activation screen and follow your setup and activate your phone

19: Restart your phone now and activate your blackberry priv you can factory rest from menu there after


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