Download All Collections of Xtouch Stock Roms / Firmware

Xtouch stock ROMs / firmware

Xtouch A2 LTE

Xtouch A3 LTE

Xtouch Diamond

Xtouch E1

Xtouch Ocean

Xtouch Ocean 2

Xtouch Ocean 3

Xtouch PF10

Xtouch PF73

Xtouch PF73 (Link 2)

Xtouch PF81

Xtouch PL73

Xtouch Sky Pro

Xtouch X1-Android4.2.1-20130910 UI-V1.1-2

Xtouch X1-Android4.2.1-20131226_WCDMA850

Xtouch X1 Mini-Android4.2.2–20140108

Xtouch X2-Android4.2.2-20140522-V1

Xtouch X2 Life-Android4.2.2 20140523-V1

Xtouch X2 Mini-Android4.2.2-20140108

Xtouch X3

Xtouch X3 Mini

Xtouch X4

Xtouch X4 Blaze

Xtouch X4 Mini

Xtouch X4 Plus

Xtouch X4 Shot

Xtouch X405

Xtouch X5 LTE

Xtouch X507T

Xtouch X507T (Link 2)

Xtouch X508

Xtouch X8

Xtouch Z1 3G

Xtouch Z1 Plus 3G


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