Download Latest Sony Flashtool – Linux

Flashtool developer Androxyde has updated the must-have utility for
Xperia owners to build number The big feature in this latest
version is that it supports all Xperia devices.

If you remember, the last Flashtool version (
brought support for the 2015 Sony Xperia devices. However, the method
to flash devices was slightly different with a FSC (Flashtool Script)

needed. Therefore, if you were using an older Xperia model (2014 series
and older) it was recommended to use the prior Flashtool release

Flashtool marries both prior versions together, so if no FSC
is found, Flashtool will use the old method of flashing as seen in


    • Due to many bad simlock flashing, simlock is disabled from
      FTF selector wipe / exclude list. It is only enabled in Pro mode. A
      warning is shown when flashing while in pro mode.

      NOTE: C4 and C5 users please do not flash using Flashtool. It will brick the
      device. M5 users please do use FSC when flashing or it will brick your


    • Sony flashtool- Latest  [Google Drive]

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