How to identify the model of your iPhone firmware

Updating or restoring iPhone directly from
server using iTunes usually consume a lot of data. You will also experience a lot of
errors if your connection speed is slow due to break of download so it’s always a great idea to have the
local update or restore firmware (ipsw file) on your PC if you are to do the
process multiple times on different devices.

Unfortunately, most newbies do not understand
how to identify the firmware that will be used when selecting it from PC. You keep
getting the error 

“The iPhone could not be restored because the firmware file
is not compatible”.

 This can be really annoying especially when
you have used a lot of data to download the file. The following list below will
help you easily identify the firmware of the iPhone you want to update/restore.

What you just have to do is check the model
number at the back of the iPhone

When you have seen the model number of your iPhone, look
through the list below you will find the number used to identify the firmware with.
If you are using PC to browse this page, simply press
CTRL + F and type in the model number then press Enter key to locate easily.
iPhone 2G
Model A1203 GSM

iPhone 3G
Model A1241 GSM
Model A1324 GSM

iPhone 3GS
Model A1303 GSM
Model A1325 GSM

iPhone 4
Model A1332 GSM
Model A1349 CDMA

iPhone 4S
Model A1387 GSM
& CDMA – iPhone4,1
Model A1431 GSM
& CDMA – iPhone4,1

iPhone 5
Model A1428 GSM
Model A1429 GSM
& CDMA – iPhone5,2
Model A1442 GSM
& CDMA – iPhone5,2

iPhone 5c
Model A1456 GSM
Model A1532 GSM
Model A1507 GSM
& CDMA – iPhone5,4
Model A1516 GSM
& CDMA – iPhone5,4
Model A1526 GSM
& CDMA – iPhone5,4
Model A1529 GSM
& CDMA- iPhone5,4

iPhone 5s
Model A1433 GSM
Model A1533 GSM
Model A1457 Global – iPhone6,2
Model A1518 Global – iPhone6,2
Model A1528 Global – iPhone6,2
Model A1530 Global – iPhone6,2

iPhone 6 Plus
Model A1522 GSM
Model A1522 CDMA/Verizon
Model A1524 Global/Sprint-
Model A1593 China
Mobile – iPhone7,1

iPhone 6
Model A1549 GSM
Model A1549 CDMA/Verizon
Model A1586 Global/Sprint

                                              Model A1589 China
Mobile – iPhone7,2

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