Remove Kids Mode Without PIN Code

If you forgot or lost your PIN code for Kids Mode app, you can re-install and reset the app.

 NOTE: There will be no data loss..

• You will lose all saved profiles and saved settings for Kids Mode app.
• You will need to re-install the app and setup new profile and PIN code.

  1. Briefly hold down the power button and touch Power off.

  2. Touch POWER OFF to confirm.

  3. With the device turned off, press and hold the Power button.

  4. Release the Power button once the Samsung logo appears, then press and hold the Volume Down button until the device starts up.

  5. The device will start up in Safe mode.

  6. From the Home screen, touch Apps.

    Or goto settings > Apps > Kids Mode and uninstall

  7. Touch More options  > Uninstall/disable apps.

  8. Touch minus icon on Kids mode app to uninstall.

  9. Touch UNINSTALL to confirm deletion.

    You will lose all saved profiles and saved settings.

  10. To Exit from Safe mode, hold the Power button and touch Restart.

  11. Touch RESTART to confirm.

  12. Once your device reboots, touch Kids Mode app to Download and re-install the app.

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