LOL! Beard enthusiasts’ club mistaken for ISIS TERRORISTS :Visited by police

A group of bearded hipsters were visited by anti-terror police after being mistaken for ISIS fanatics.

The ‘Bearded Villains’ – a group united by their love of facial hair – were posing for pictures with a black flag bearing their emblem when a panicked onlooker called police.

arrived at the photoshoot at a castle ruins in Braehus, Sweden, to
quickly establish the facial hair fanatics posed no threat to national

The Bearded Villains describe themselves as a ‘brotherhood of elite bearded men’ from across the world.

Their black flag shows two crossed swords and was said to have been mistaken for the ISIS flag.

Villains member Andreas Fransson wrote about the incident: “We got
there early in the morning, setting up and getting to know each other.
Many of us met for the first time, but it felt like we’ve known each
other for years. We laughed, we hugged and we had a blast.


“We posed for photos with a professional photographer named Jason, awesome guy.

all had dressed in formalwear, looking our best for the photos, but all
of the sudden two cops show up, looking at us and start smiling.

“After we break formation we walked up to them and asked if we were in the way, or if we couldn’t be there anymore.

laughed and told us that someone had called the cops on us, because
they drove past on the highway and saw, what they thought resembled the
ISIS flag.

“The cops had to respond to the call of course, but we sorted it out and they left, with a smile on their faces.

sad to be mistaken for ISIS, but also good to get the word out about
Bearded Villains, get a chance to tell the true story, about how we do
good things, stand up to injustice and bullying, to racism and

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