How I got thousands of Real Twitter Followers using Mass Followers Script

Twitter is the biggest social media platform where you send tweets, grow
followers and gain loyal fans. It’s the first social media platform
that integrated the followers’ feature before any other media platform
like Facebook or instagram.


All over the internet, you get to see guides on how to get tones of
twitter followers. The trick I’m going to be unveiling to you is unlike
any other guide you read on blogs. This is a very unique and much decent
technique in getting targeted twitter followers.

So without taking much of your time, let me quickly brief you on this
technique, and how to make use of it to stay safe because it’s more like
a blackhat technique if used always.

How to Get unlimited twitter followers using Mass followers script

The twitter mass followers script
works perfectly on firefox browsers. So if you’re to implement this
trick, then I advise you do that on your firefox browser. So follow the
procedure as described below.

1.       Firstly, launch your firefox browser and then log into your twitter account.

2.       After
that, go to any follower list as to get followers from the list. If you
want to get targeted followers, then look for twitter handles with huge
followers that are related to your niche. For instance, I need twitter
followers for my technology based twitter handle; all I need to do is
find twitter tech based handles with huge followers (techy fans) like

3.       Once you’ve gotten to the followers list, press F12 and click on console in your firefox browser.

4.       Copy the below code (from here) and paste on console, then hit enter button.

5.       This
script will make you follow everyone on the followers screen displayed
on the exact screen. If you scroll past the first side of the screen,
you apply same method to follow others.


Once you follow all, 80% of fans you followed will follow you back
because they’re interested in getting your niche tweets or updates.
Alternatively you can make use of a one-click chrome extension. This
method works well on chrome browser. Simply download the extension here and include on your chrome browser. With the extension you can follow all users from the followers list.

Now that you’ve followed lot of users, and you would like to clear
unfollow fans that you’ve followed or fans that didn’t follow you back,
all you need to do is use same chrome extension to make bulk unfollow or
unfollow only those who didn’t follow you back. Alternatively, you can
unfollow all users that you’re following with the twitter unfollow
chrome extension (download here).

Bonus tips

Do you know that the best way to get people to follow you back is to
make sure that your twitter profile is well set for the niche? For
instance, you want followers as a model or celebrity, all you need to do
is go to other hot celebrity followers list, follow most with the
script and when their fans notices that your profile looks hot also, or
looks more like the usual handles they do follow, then you’ll also be


Twitter now has strict rules, so I would advise you follow not more than
400 people in a day and also try to cut the timing. Let me say, you
make use of this trick to follow up to 200 in the morning and another
200 in noon or evening period. With this you can make thousands of
followers on weekly basis.

Make Money tips

Do you know that you can make money with this? Of course selling twitter
followers is one of the best ways to make money online. With sites like
fiverr, seoclerks and other related marketing sites, you can make real
money. Simply setup a GIG and make your customers believe that you’re
giving them thousands of real targeted followers. Believe me you, tons
of $$$$ can be made out of this.

I would like to stop here. If you got any issue on using any of the
scripts, please do let me know via comment section. Don’t forget share
this content with your friends on social networks.

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