How to flash spreadtrum devices (iTel, M-Horse, Cherry etc) using Miracle Box

This is
another tutorial on how to use Miracle Box for newbies. I will be
showing you  how to flash/upgrade devices with Spreadtrum Chipset (SPD)
using Miracle Box. Watch the video or follow the tutorial below


You must have at least 10% battery life

Do at your own risk!

Download Miracle Box from here

Download and install SPD drivers from here

Launch Miracle Box

Click on SPD tab

Tick Write

Under Choose type, select the chip of the phone you want to flash

Click the folder Icon, then navigate to the folder containing the pac file of the device you want to flash.

Select the pac file

Click Start Button

Turn off device and connect to PC while holding volume down button

(Some new devices require holding volume up instead)

Miracle Box will detect the device and pop up all partitions to be flashed.

Tick whatever part you want to flash on the device and click OK.

(For full flash, tick everything)

Wait for flashing process to complete

When you see Write Complete, know that flashing process is complete.

Disconnect and reboot device

Watch the video below


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