3 Different Methods to Use Your Android Phones as Modem on Computer

you have an Android phone, and you want it to serve as a modem for your
PC? Don’t worry; this post will explain how you can do it and your
Android phone is cable of doing that. The only thing you can be worried
about is whether your wireless network provider grants Android users the
ability to tether their Android to use it as a modem.

Today, I want to share the two simplest, easiest and tested methods to
connect your laptop, Netbook, or Desktop Computer to the internet using
your Android phone. The first method that will be analyze doesn’t
require any third party application, it works via wireless. While the
second method involves the installation of a third party application on
your Android device and PC, and the connection would be done via a USB
synchronize cable.

1. How to Access Internet on Your PC with Android Device Using Wireless

This is the simplest and easiest way to get connected to the internet on
your PC using your modem. This method works by creating a wireless
network on your Android device, so no USB Cable would be required.

  • On your Android Device, go to Settings , Wireless and Network Settings , Mobile networks, select the “Use Packet Data” option, and then unchecked “Use Only 2G Networks” option.
  • Again, go to Settings, Wireless and Network Settings ,Tethering and Portable Hotspot, and then select the second option “Mobile AP”. After selecting the “Mobile AP”, a blue wifi icon should appear on your phone notification bar.
  •  Now go to your laptop, netbook, or desktop computer, or any other
    device you want to connect to your Android that supports WIFI, search
    for the available wireless networks, and select “Android AP” option.
  • That’s all; you are now connected to the internet, just go to your browsing and start browsing.

2. How to Access Internet on Your PC With Android Device Using USB Cable (USB Tethering)

  • Connect your Android Smartphone to the Laptop using the USB data cable.
  • Make sure the phone’s drivers are installed properly. In most cases,
    windows will automatically recognize and install the drivers
    automatically. If it does not, then use the CD which is given along with
    the cellphone.
  • In your android Smartphone, go to Settings , Wireless and
    Network Settings
    , Mobile Networks and select the “Use Packet Data
    option. Also unchecked the “Use only 2G Networks” option.
  • Again go to Settings, Wireless and Network Settings , Tethering and Portable Hotspots
  • Select the “USB tethering” option and you should see a blue circle icon in the notification bar.
  • You are now connected to the internet. Just open a browser and start browsing.

3. How to Access Internet on Your PC with Android Device Using PdaNet Software

To connect your Laptop, Netbook, or Desktop Computer to the internet
using Android is by using PdaNet. This app shares the internet on your
Android with your computer. Using this method does not require any root
access or hacking of firmware. To use PdaNet to connect your PC to the
internet using your Android phone, you will need to install the app on
your Android, and the PC version on your PC. A USB synchronize cable
would also be required for the connection.

  • Download and Install the PdaNet+ on your Android phone (PdaNet+ is
    the latest version as at the time of this publication). Go to Android
    Market on your device and search for “pdanet” (without quotes “”) using
    the search function or click here to get the PdaNet+ software directly. 
  • Go to Settings,Developer options and enable USB debugging mode
  • Download and Install the PDANet to your computer, for Windows and Mac
  • After download and installation, restart your computer. Once restart, PdaNet icon will appear on your PC tray. 
  • Now connect your Android Device using USB Cable
  • Open PdaNet on your Android and tap “Enable USB Tether” to enable your Android to act as the modem for your computer. 
  • Now click on PDANet icon on your computer and choose “Connect Internet“. After this, the icon will blink for some seconds and then turn blue, which signifies successful connection. 

You can also send SMS from your phone using PDANet. Just click on PDANet
Icon and select “start SMS agent”. A new window will be opened. Choose
contact and send SMS.

Do you have another method aside from the methods explained here that
works? If yes, don’t hesitate to share it with others via the comments

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