tutorial is how to flash .pac files (Stock ROM) of Spreadtrum devices
like iTel, cherry, some versions of CoolPad, Clone devices etc.


Battery should be at least 15%


Flash the exact pac file of your device

Do this at your own risk!

Download and install Spreadtrum usb drivers from here or manually install it using this tutorial here
Download the .pac file (Stock ROM) of the device you want to flash from here.
Download and extract Spreadtrum UpgradeDownload tool from here

Launch UpgradeDownload Tool
Click on Load button.
Navigate and select the pac file of the device you downloaded.
Wait for it to load

Click on Start button.
Remove your phone battery and insert it back
Hold volume down and connect your device to the computer with a usb
Your device will be detected and flashing process will begin.
This process can take about 10 mins

When you see a green PASSED on progress bar, the process is complete.
Wait for some seconds then disconnect your phone from the computer
Reboot the device.
First boot after this process is longer than usual.


Spreadtrum upgrade tool is used to flash roms in pac format. If you want to flash roms with scatter files, 
use sp flash tool

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