How to setup ADB and Fastboot

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, while Fastboot stands for Fastboot.
They’re two very important tools as far as Android is concerned. This
tutorial will explain how to install ADB, Fastboot & their drivers


Download & Install Mediatek (MTK) drivers on the PC Here

* Download the ADB, Fastboot & drivers installer  Here

* Run the Installer as Administrator

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-1.jpg]

* For Do you want to install ADB and Fastboot? tap the Y key then press Enter

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-2.jpg]

* For Install ADB system-wide? tap the Y key then press Enter

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-3.jpg]

* Wait till its complete

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-4.jpg]

* For Do you want to install device drivers, tap the Y key then press Enter

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-5.jpg]

* In the installer Wizard that pops up, click Next

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-6.jpg]

* Click Finish when done

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-7.jpg]

* Go to My Computer / Local Disk ( C: ) , you should see a folder named adb


[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-8.jpg]

* To run ADB or Fastboot, open the ADB folder

* Hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard

* While holding SHIFT, right-click on an empty space in the ADB folder

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-9.jpg]

* Select Open command window here

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-10.jpg]

* Your’re good to go

[Image: how-to-install-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-11.jpg]

Manual Method

* Download ADB, Fastboot, and other tools @ Here

Note: The tools found in the download are provided by Google, found in and extracted from Android SDK

* Extract the contents directly into your C: partition
* You should now have a folder C:Android
* Press Win + R on your keyboard to bring up the Run dialog
* Once the Run box is open, type in sysdm.cpl and hit OK
* Once you hit OK, the System Properties panel should open
* Click on the Advanced tab

* From the Advanced tab click on Environment Variables
* At the Environment Variables window find where it says Path under System variables, click on it, and click the Edit button
* When the Edit System Variable window pops up, type in



at the very end and hit OK

* Make sure you type in exactly ;C:Android (be sure to include the semi-colon at the beginning)
*After clicking OK, close out all windows
* You are done!
* Once you have them installed, using ADB or Fastboot is as easy as
opening command prompt, typing in adb xxx or fastboot xxx (with xxx
being the command you want to run)

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