Download Swipe Mobile-Tablet Flash Firmware File (Stock ROM) All Model

Swipe Flash File
Xylus v13 (SP Tool) Download
Float Tablet X78 (Phoenix USB pro) Download
Velocity Tab v16 (Rockchip) Download
Sonic (20-2-2014) Download
Sonic (18-3-2014) Download
Slash 3G Download
Pocket Tab sw1105 (Livesuit) Download
MTV Volt 1000 v20 (SP tool) Download
MTV Slate 20130826 (SP tool) Download
MTV Slate 20140120 (SP tool) Download
MTV Slash 4X 20130108 (SP tool) Download
MTV Slash 2G (SP tool) Download
MTV Slash (1-8-2013) (SP Tool) Download
MTV Slash (26-9-2013) (SP tool) Download
Legend Tab v10 (SP tool) Download
Konnect 5.0 (SP tool) Download
Elite 2 45QHD v0.14 (SP tool) Download
Sonic EG5 (SP tool) Download
Sense 20140923 (SP tool) Download
Sense 20141128 (SP tool) Download
Slice 3G v3.23 (SP tool) Download
Slate Pro MR9782H1CW1 (SP tool) Download
Konnect ME v03 (SP tool) Download
Konnect 4 NEO v0.6.1102 (SP tool) Download
3D Life Plus Dual core sw06-16 (Rockchip) Download
MTV Slate New TP (SP tool) Download
3D Life Plus 512MB v3.25 (Rockchip) Download
Halo Fone new PCBA GP650 20140920 (SP tool) Download
Konnect 4e Jellybean (SP tool) Download
Konnect 4e s138AEA v0.8.926 (SP tool) Download
Konnect 3 v09 Download
Konnect 3 v11 Download

3 thoughts on “Download Swipe Mobile-Tablet Flash Firmware File (Stock ROM) All Model

  • September 20, 2016 at 8:06 am

    please suggest how to download stock ROM for swipe elite plus?

    • September 20, 2016 at 9:26 am

      When you click on the download link… wait for 5 seconds by your far Right click on skip Ad … It will take you to the download Page…

  • January 18, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    but which one file need to download for swipe elite plus?


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