Glo Borrow Me Data, Double Free Tomorrow and 2 Others Products

Globacom is here again with a new product called “Glo Borrow Me Data“,
also reloaded three other existing products. This was done to prove
their commitment to continually empower its subscribers with affordable
and innovative telecommunications products and services. The three
products which have been repackaged following their success and appeal
in the market are Double Free Tomorrow, 11k/s for All, and IDD Packs.

new product, Glo Borrow Me Data, allows subscribers to borrow Data
credit of up to 2GB whenever their data bundles are exhausted and they
have no airtime balance to recharge their data plan or in cases of
unsuccessful subscription bundle activation due to low balance.

The eligibility criterion for Glo Borrow Me Data offer includes how long a customer has been on the network and the average monthly data usage.

To Borrow Glo Data

Simply dial *321#
and follow the menu options. The service will then push real time Data
credit to all eligible subscribers in line with the stated eligibility
criterion. The customer will repay the Data credit whenever airtime
recharge is made.

Not through yet, as I said earlier, there are other 3 existing products which have been repackaged, they are Double Free Tomorrow, 11k/s for All, and IDD Packs.


1. Double Free Tomorrow:
Gives back to the subscriber 200% of whatever is spent on calls, SMS or
data today to use for free the next day. In the re-loaded offer,
Globacom calculates all the value of airtime a subscriber used in a day
for internet services, phone calls, and SMS, and credits the
subscriber’s phone with double this value at the start of the next day.

In other words, when you spend more today, you get much more tomorrow.  For instance, if a subscriber on the Glo network uses N500 credit
in a day on calls, SMS and data, Glo will give back N1,000 credits to
the subscriber the very next day to call all networks, SMS and browse

 To enjoy the service, subscribers need to dial *300#.

2. Gbam Plus 11k/s For All:
It as a simple flat tariff plan which allows customers enjoy heavily
reduced call rate on local and international calls. Under the plan,
calls are charged at 11k/s to all local networks and for international
calls to 30 top destinations.

Dial *211# to migrate to the plan. Daily access fee of N5

3. IDD Packs: The IDD pack covers calls made from Nigeria to 30 major international destinations for as low as N6.60 per minute.
The IDD 100 gives the subscriber 12 minutes of call valid for 3 days,
while IDD 200 gives 24 call minutes for 7 days. The IDD 500 bundle gives
60 minutes of call for 14 days, while the fourth bundle, IDD 1000, will
avail the user 150 call minutes valid for 30 days.

to Globacom, the 30 destinations covered by the new IDD packs include
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, India, China and

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