how to identify a fake infinix hote note

 A lot of people are really buying fake Infinix Hot Note (X551) thinking
it’s the real Infinix. The same way we have lots of fake Infinix Hot
2 (X510) everywhere. There are fake versions of Infinix HOT Note in the
Nigerian market, making it difficult to even identify the original.

1. The Speaker and SIM card port arrangement is different from the original as shown in the image below


2. The top view of the fake is different from the original, you can check the illustration on the image

3. The charger is different, the original charger is thicker

4. The sensor is vertical on the fake, while it is horizontally placed in the original

When next you want to buy a new
smartphone, always read the review so that you’ll be sure you are not
going for the fake one.

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