Download all Tecno stock roms, their several variants and individual files

Hovatek’s Tecno Individual Files Project addresses three fundamental problems which Tecno phone users often encounter:

1. Unable to find the right firmware for your Tecno variant

Tecno phone models have several variants (e.g Tecno C8 could have over 6) which require unique stock roms. This is why you might find a firmware for your phone model but run into mismatch errors or a bricked phone till you flash the right firmware for your variant

2. Having to waste data just to download single files

If you’ve ever needed just recovery.img / boot.img (less than 16MB each) or preloader.bin (a few Kilobytes) but had to download a full stock rom of over
1.6 GB then you will understand the frustration with such situations

3. Signal problems

Your Tecno phone might suddenly stop detecting 3G / 4G networks. In such a case, you’ll need the NVRAM backup from a working phone of the same model,
a task that’s often very difficult..let alone getting the person to go through the stress of backing up and uploading

Hovatek’s Tecno Individual Files Project provides convenient solutions to the above 3 problems:

* It comprises of a collection of Tecno NVRAM backups to help users fix 3G or 4G network problems.
* Download stock roms for several Tecno phone models & variants from the largest collection of Tecno stock roms there presently is
* You can now download the component files of each stock rom (e.g boot.img, recovery.img, preloader.bin etc) separately without having to download the full stock rom.

Here are some collections for you to preview, you can check the full list here which contains more

Tecno Phantom 6 (A6)

Tecno Phantom 6 Plus (A9)

Tecno Camon C8

Tecno Camon CX


Tecno Camon CX Air

Tecno Camon C9

Tecno Camon C9 Plus / Pro

Tecno L9

Tecno N6

Tecno N9S

Tecno W3

Tecno W4

Tecno WX3

…and many more

If you have any questions about this project then you can visit the Hovatek Forum or email [email protected]

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