Fix Huawei Router B310S-927 Powerlight Only Step By Step


If you are seeing power light only but the device is detected via USB(without doing any ‘shorting’), probably it’s in factory mode and you just need to send,


via dc-unlocker client to bring it back to normal mode.

So, check whether the device is detected by dc-unlocker client first and confirm that it’s indeed not detected before proceeding with all these steps.

Huawei Router B310S-927 Powerlight Only Step By Step Fix


1. Balong Tool. Download here

2. B310S-927 usb_loader. Download here

3.Download Dc Unlocker : Download here

4. Huawei Modem Drivers. Link here and here

5. Multicaste tool. Download here

6.Download Huawei B310S-927 firmware below: Download Here

7. Peeker/jumper wire

8. Usb Cable

9. Soldering iron

10. Lan Cable

Now let’s begin:

  • Dismantle Your B310S-927 ROUTER. For more info on how to disassamble, Link here
  • Once dismantled, cut out an original usb cable, separate its under wire into four colors in the following order=Red-white-blue-black
  • Solder the four aforementioned usb wires in the order of the picture below:


  • Pluck the other end of the soldered usb cable into your computer port, attach a jumper
    wire or scissors at the first two of the four points in-between the triangular image and the WPS button, while immediately plucking your router into a power source and open device manager to confirm connection. If done correctly, you should see “Huawei Mobile Connect-3g pc ui interface” in device manager.

See attached Pictures below:



  • unzip and execute Balong Tool you downloaded from option(1) above. In the balong Tool interface, click on detect, to enable drivers, if done correctly, it should appear in the following screenshot order:


  • Click on the three dots, and go to where you saved your b310s-927 usbloader you downloaded from option(2) above and click open.
    See attached picture in the example below:


  • Click load, wait for few seconds for the Balong Tool to repair the corrupted partition in your router.
    You should see blue lines running to the end of the balong tool, and your router should restart immediately.
  • Disconnect from power source and reconnect again, you should see four lights; Powerlight, Network mode indicator, Wifi/wps indicator and Lan/wan indicator
    At this stage, in most cases, the network indicator turns red; indicating the absence of sim/service, try to insert sim and set APN of your provider and restart your router, if network signals show, your router repair journey ends here, but if yours is more serious, follow me to the next step:


  • Open DC unlock
    Scan till it detects the device, once detected, at the bottom, type this command: AT^SFM=1 then Hit the enter key. If the response is *OK*, you are good.
  • After that, you type another command: AT^RESET and hit the enter key.


  • Connect Lan Cable to your router lan port and the other end to your computer lan port, make sure the soldered usb cable is connected to pc too.
  • Go to the network area of your computer, Right Click, “open Network and sharing center>>Change adapter settings>>Right click and go to Properties.
    Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPV4), fill in the figures accordingly as shown below:


  • Open Multicast Tool, you will be prompted to open winrar, navigate to desktop and locate winrar shortcut on desktop and open multicast tool.
  • On the tool, click on Referesh, you should see “Huawei mobile connect network card-” along side your router gateway address.
    See picture below:







Click on Force Upgrade, while on File Path, click on Open, browse to the folder you downloaded your router firmware B310s-927_UPDATE_21.300.01.00.00_Universal.BIN above and open.
See picture below:




Press Start, and wait for Multicast tool to load the firmware into your router.


Note:  At approximately 20 counts, press STOP on the multicast tool, discconnect router from pc and charging source, reconnect
again, you should see all the indicators with one network signal missing.{Not yet done, almost through}

>>Reconnect your router to pc and to charging source the last time and press START on Multicast tool.
At this point, your router should restart itself periodically, once you see all the five signals,
Press stop and close multicast tool.

  • Right click on DC UNLOCKer and run as administrator, once Dc unlocker opens, press scan, you should see your device details below.
  • Underneath your router details, copy this code without quote “AT^SFM = 0” paste it and press ENTER on your keyboard. Done!!
  • Disconnect the soldered usb cable, insert sim, set your network APN and restart your router, upon restarting, seen network signal?

Congratulations, You have successfully repaired your router from the powerlight only problem.

If you still don’t understand any of the procedures, leave a feedback below:

Credits: Majorsolution

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