How To Network Unlock Alcatel TCL-7040R For Free

How To Network Unlock Alcatel TCL-7040R Without Box or Dongle


1. Download and install Qualcomm usb drivers  here

2. Download and extract QFIL for flashing Qualcomm images here

3.Download Alcatel TCL-7040R Unlock firmware file HERE

4. Once downloaded, Proceed to flashing.

5. Open extracted folder of Qfil, see screenshot below:

6. Hold VOL UP and VOL DOWN keys while inserting usb cable to computer to boot to Qualcomm mode and

Select Port, choose FLAT BUILD.


7. Now, browse to extracted firmware folder, click on Firehorse Programmer MBN, Select All Fies and choose rawprogram0.xml

and click Open. See Screenshot below:

8. Click on Load XML and go to the same extracted firmware folder, select Patch0.xml and open,

once you click Open, another window will pop up, continue by selecting Patch0.xml and click Open

9. Finally, Proceed by pressing download, wait for few minutes for the program to finish flashing your phone.

Once, you see Finished, Congrats!

You have successfully unlocked your ALCTEL TCL-7040R via special firmware file.

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