Repair Imei On infinix x608 hot 6 Pro For Free

On the page we have contained the full tutorial on how to repair imei on infinix x608 hot 6 Pro as this guide can also be applicable to INFINIX X573 , x622, S42 , TECNO N5 and almost all  QUALCOMM CPU.

I will be working you through the complete guide with pictures and videos on how to repair the imei of your infinix x608 hot 6 Pro, maybe as a result of flashing firmware you lost your imei or you had unknown baseband, no service, or one issue or the other regarding network. dont worry has this will be the end of the road to fixing your imei and getting your infinix working again.

Let me address this here, have heard people complain of incomplete apps after flashing their infinix x608 (refer to this guide for more and how to fix), and also some say you will have to be on incomplete apps before you could repair your imei. well those are all false, because the guide below will fix imei on full stock firmware.

The firmware provided on this page is a signed firmware, it can serve has incomplete firmware and also complete firmware, if u want to get incomplete app. just flash the firmware with NCK BOX or Umt and you will get incomplete apps, and if you want to get complete apps, erase firmware with NCK BOX, then use the infinix flash tool to flash and you will get complete apps. all with one firmware.

NOTE: Imei change is illigal and there by prohibited. the guide below is for educational purpose and should be used only if u want to restore back your defualt imei. i will not be held responsible for any thing you do with the information provided here.



  1. qualcomm driver download Here
  2. infinix x608 hot 6 Pro signed firmware Download Here
  3. infinix flash tool Download Here
  4. Umt or Nck box{ i used nck for this guide below}
  5. usb cable
  6. dismantle the device for test point{ image below}

  1. qualcomm imei repair tool Download Here
  2. Working QCN FILE Download Here
  3. Working brain and patience



  1.  Put your device to edl mode then Open Nck Qualcomm module and erase firmware. see image below. be patient has erase firmware could take some time.

2.  Open the infinix flashtool you downloaded above. see image below

The password to the tool is administrator

Conncet your device to system. click on set>>> a dialogue box appears, click on USB DEVICE MANAGER>>> Note your usb number, then go back to the second dialogue box see image

Click on change path and locate where your extracted firmware is, see the image below then seleect your correct usb number and ok

After clicking on OK from the image above number 4 the software will start verifying your firmware

Click on start as soon as it is done verifying. see image below, if the sahara download mode does note appear, change your usb cable to another port. then cklick on start.


Flashing in progress..

Flashing is completed. then disconnect usb cable power on your phone allow it for some time to properly boot up.


At this point you will notice the base band of your infinix x608 hot 6 Pro is unknown and the imei is null or empty. no point panicking cos that why we are here to get that done. follow the next guide properly on how to get that done.

1. Enable diag mode, dial ####8789# click on open diag. your phone will reboot

2. goto setings>>builde number{tap 7 times} go back to developers> enable usb debugging and oem unlock option.

3. open your QMSL tool downloaded above.

4. write your imei {see image below

5. click on start then connect your phone to system

6. you will get ok massage

Note: don’t reboot your phone yet

Open NCK Qualcomm Module. from port select your diag port, click on imei-qcn>>restore, then select your qcn file. see image below

After you get the restoring QCN done message then restart your phone.

Couple the phone then insert sim and confirm you have a working network



NOTE: This is an interactive section, use the comment box and let me know what you think, or whats not right. did you succeed? let us know. and don’t forget to share with friends and enemies.

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